Meet the Team

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With a background in global trade, Jean is the guy conducting the businessy side of De Novo Dairy. When he's not redesigning the global food system from the ground up on excel spreadsheets, he can be found in his natural habitat, the swimming pool.

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As our resident engineer, Richard keeps De Novo Dairy's millions of micro factories running at full capacity. He's a DIY enthusiast and is probably the last man on earth that still reads a physical newspaper. He was last seen trying to instruct yeast cells on the benefits of matrix management.

Head of Protein R&D
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Joni is our biochemist and protein enthusiast. Favorite pastimes include cooking up milk proteins in the lab, suspending herself from climbing walls, and desperately seeking out some decent vegan pizza.

Dr Leah
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Leah, our very own mad food scientist, began her food journey dabbling in plant and insect protein. She is now on a mission to turn our proteins into new and exciting products. She's often got Frankie at her side, and is best known for fueling the team with delicious vegan cheesecake. 

Senior Research Scientist
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An experienced molecular biologist and yeast micro-manager, Hendrik looks after our host design. Through coffee fueled brainstorming sessions, he is finding the most efficient ways of producing the very best animal-free proteins.

Dr Joe
Senior Research Scientist
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Joe, medical researcher extraordinaire, loves protein purification almost as much as he loves ultimate frisbee. He has been enticed to come over to the food-tech side and is passionate about using molecular biology to positively impact the world.

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Our chief of staff is the pawfect employee. Key responsibilities include setting the nap time schedule and having the best haircut on the team.